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Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again” (abbreviated as MAGA) is a campaign slogan used in American politics that was popularized by Donald Trump in his successful 2016 presidential campaign. Ronald Reagan used the similar slogan “Let’s Make America Great Again” in his successful 1980 presidential campaign. Democratic pollster Douglas Schoen has called Trump’s use of the phrase as “probably the most resonant campaign slogan in recent history,” citing large majorities of Americans who believed the country was in decline.The slogan has become a pop culture phenomenon, seeing widespread use and spawning numerous variants in the arts, entertainment and politics.


A budget that puts America first must make the safety of our people its ….. Reduces funding for lower priority activities in the National Forest System, such …. funding for college, while continuing to help make college education more affordable. ….. with $314 million to recruit, hire, and train 500 new Border Patrol Agents and …

America First A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again